Week 2

Essential Question















Have the Egyptian pharaohs had a lasting effect on Egypt?

Ancient Egypt and its rulers – Introduction to pharaohs (using artwork from ancient Egypt).

Pyramids – BrainPop video about how the pyramids were made.

In groups students will write down information from the textbook that they think is important – and why they think so.

Students will also discuss the pyramid video with a partner.




Formative: Ticket out the door – list the three kingdoms, and what the pyramids were used for.



Common Core:




NSSS World History Era 2: Standard 3







 Pharaoh Khufu and his pyramids – Students will learn about Khufu and his achievements in the Old Kingdom.

 Guided note taking.

In groups, students will create their own pyramids, figuring out which method works the best.

Formative: Discussion with the class about the uses of pyramids – whether they think it was a good idea or not.

Walking around the classroom to make sure that everyone is on task during pyramid building.


Standards for the Arts:

Standard 1

 NSSS History Across the Eras:

Standard 1







 Pharaoh Senusret I and his contribution to ancient Egyptian art.

Note taking skills.

Discussing the unique Egyptian style of art, while looking at examples on the Smart Board.

The students will create their own ancient Egyptian artwork.

Formative: Students will be creating their own artwork based off of what they have seen in the unit so far. Rubric will be used to assess students on aesthetics, effort, colors used, Egyptian gods or symbols used.


 Standards for the Arts:

Standard 1

Standard 3

NSSS World History Era 2:

Standard 1

Standard 3






 Pharaoh Hatshepsut and the creation of trade in Egypt.

Guided notes on Hatshepsut’s trade empire.

Debate on whether or not Egypt should begin trading with other countries.

Formative: Students will be conducting their own debate as if they were living in Egypt during Hatshepsut’s reign.

Will be assessed using a rubric.


 NSSS World History Era 2:

Standard 3

Standard 4

Common Core






 Ramses II and Egypt’s military age.

Compare and contrast the different pharaoh’s that they have learned about this week.

Formative: Ticket out the door – students will complete the Venn Diagram, and will add anything that they are unclear about or have questions about. These questions will be addressed on Monday.



 Common Core – Literacy in Social Studies:

Key Ideas & Details (6 – 8) – Standard 1

Common Core:



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