This website focuses on an Ancient Egyptian project that can be used in sixth grade classes.  The project will use hands-on and interactive learning, along with more traditional forms of presenting information to the students such as guided note-taking, and using the assigned social studies textbook as a reference and tool.  This social studies project will align with the Common Core Standards, as well as National Social Studies Standards, and Standards for the Arts. 

Egyptian Drawing

I surveyed the entire sixth grade class in the urban middle school that I teach in, about their perceptions on social studies.  The results (shown below) were somewhat surprising.

How do you feel about going to social studies?

Feelings SS

Do you think social studies is boring?

SS Boring

What has been your favorite topic in social studies?

Favorite Topic

This project utilizes the sixth grade social studies textbook History Alive!: The Ancient World, published by Teacher’s Curriculum Institute in 2004. 

This project is being completed by L. Barrett, meeting the requirements for the Master’s Project (EDU 690) at Buffalo State College.


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. This is amazing! Do you have more stuff like this? I am teaching 6th grade history for the first time and this is soo incredibly helpful!

    • Thank you! I am glad that it is helping you with your first year in sixth grade!

      Unfortunately, this is my only unit that I have posted. I am now focusing more on high school history.

      • I was looking through week one, and I could not find the directions or assignment for your Egypt map, I am curious how you were going to have them do it 🙂

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