Materials for Week 2

Along with the Guided Notes PowerPoint, these are also PowerPoints that will be needed in this week’s instruction. 

Egyptian Art

Pharaoh Art Work


These rubrics will be used for the Egyptian art project and the open trade debate that the students will be doing during this week of instruction. 

Art Rubric

Debate Rubric


This quiz will be used as a ticket out the door after the students watch the BrainPop video on the Great Pyramid of Giza. 

BrainPop Quiz

ancient egyptian landmarks


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2 thoughts on “Materials for Week 2

  1. George Mango

    We are teachers in upstate New York and are loving your work. Do you have any other civilizations that go along with the sixth grade curriculum besides Egypt? Thanks for making our lives easier!

    • Hi George,

      I’m glad that you are using my unit! So far this is the only unit I’ve developed, however once I get a permanent position I want to develop more units for middle school social studies.


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