Standards for the Arts

I have chosen to incorporate Standards for the Arts into my project because I feel that art is a major aspect of learning about the past and ancient civilizations.  My experience in the classroom has shown me that when art is included in social studies lessons, the students become more engaged and interested in the time period or civilization being studied.  Art from ancient Egypt is very distinctive and really helps students to see what life was like living during that time period.

This project addresses the following Standards for the Arts at the elementary level:

  • Standard 1: Creating, Performing and Participating in the Arts
    • Students will actively engage in the processes that constitute creation and performance in the arts (dance, music, theatre, and visual arts) and participate in various roles in the arts.
      • Students will make works of art that explore different kinds of subject matter, topics, themes, and metaphors. Students will understand and use sensory elements, organizational principles, and expressive images to communicate their own ideas in works of art. Students will use a variety of art materials, processes, mediums, and techniques, and use appropriate technologies for creating and exhibiting visual art works.
  • Standard 3: Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art
    • Students will respond critically to a variety of works in the arts, connecting the individual work to other works and to other aspects of human endeavor and thought.
      • Students will reflect on, interpret, and evaluate works of art, using the language of art criticism.  Students will analyze the visual characteristics of the natural and built environment and explain the social, cultural, psychological, and environmental dimensions of the visual arts. Students will compare the ways in which a variety of ideas, themes, and concepts are expressed through the visual arts with the ways they are expressed in other disciplines.
  • Standard 4: Understanding the Cultural Dimensions and Contributions of the Arts
    • Students will develop an understanding of the personal and cultural forces that shape artistic communication and how the arts in turn shape the diverse cultures of past and present society.
      • Students will explore art and artifacts from various historical periods and world cultures to discover the roles that art plays in the lives of people of a given time and place and to understand how the time and place influence the visual characteristics of the artwork. Students will explore art to understand the social, cultural, and environmental dimensions of human society.

King Tut Mask

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